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ALLTOP Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., which is located in Shenzhen China, is a high-tech manufacture, export-oriented company. We mainly specialize in researching,developmenting, manufacturing railway equipment, road machinery, steel bar processing,construction machinery, site equipment etc

Our products include concrete power trowel, concrete vibrating ruler, steel bar cutting machine, steel bar bending machine, straightening cutting machine, stirrup bending machine, plate compactor, tamping rammer, site hopper car and so on, they are widely used in airport, bridge, building, road, railway and other construction area.

News Information

03 /20
How to Choose Ride-on Power Trowels
NEWS 2020-03-20

For the construction of floors of significant size, riding trowels have become indispensable. They are productive and can provide very flat finishes. The two types of machines on the market are overlapping and non-overlapping. The troweling patterns of overlapping machines intersect one another and are especially suited for trowel finishing, but you can't install float pans on them. Non-overlapping machines have a space between the rotors, making it possible to mount float pans for initial floating operations and then switching to trowel blades for final finishing operations.

01 /18
Happy Chinese New Year 2020
NEWS 2020-01-18

01 /08
China's construction equipment makers building a good reputation
NEWS 2020-01-08

It's reported that Chinese manufacturers are leading suppliers of concrete machinery in the world. In recent years, China has been making an effort to transform its manufacturing sector from low-end to high-end producers. The branding activity in Paris has also received support from the central government.